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Jewelry designer, Tracee Nichols, was born and raised by a sculptor father in the art world of San Francisco. What would become a lifelong passion and ultimately her career began as a simple Sunday job in the local church thrift store. Her first job was to  arrange and sell the jewelry pieces in the jewelry case. The beautiful, classic pieces resonated with her and she found that each timeless piece could tell a story and evoke an emotion within.

Having developed her love of beauty and art throughout her childhood, Tracee carried this forward into higher education, earning a double major in Architecture and Interior Design, with a background in Art History. From her experience and education, Tracee created her first piece–the signature necklace of her collection–the Roman. Tracee parlayed her success from the Roman into several new lines of jewelry, each with their own story and emotions. Using the finest materials, her jewelry is crafted in gold, silver, and rose gold, and set with diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, as well as some with beautiful semi-precious stones.With these creations, Tracee strives to craft pieces that are modern and graceful, yet harken back to an earlier time when hand-tooled quality was customary.

It is Tracee’s intention that every person who wears one of her pieces finds their own meaning in the piece and writes their own story for it. Someday, when another generation finds her jewelry in a vintage store, they will feel those emotions that it evokes and hear the story that it has to tell.

Tracee Nichols jewelry uses the highest quality materials, while maintaining an eco-friendly brand. All of the diamonds and precious stones selected are conflict-free and handmade in the United States.