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Beauties Most Wanted

Oct 28, 2015 | Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Beauties Most Wanted

Beauties Most Wanted
Last month I had the pleasure of attending, “Fashion For Breakfast” at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood to hear what Allure’s West Coast Editor, Kelly Atterton, had to say about the latest in Fall beauty trends. Kelly not only spoke about the hottest Fall trends, but also about her own personal journey on how she got started and the hard work she put in to be where she is at today! Her talk inspired many women who attended the breakfast and we were all so grateful to hear her story.

Here’s what will be going “beauty strong” this Fall season… it’s pretty dramatic, I mean very dramatic! First of all the 70’s are back and this decade is inspiring the fashion world all over again, so break out those bell bottoms and your best patchwork suede!

Strong lips and bold eyebrows are a must. Kelly recommends reds and violets for the lips and that it’s OK to dye your eyebrows. To achieve that bold lip, crayon form pencils help for the outline and for color and nude sticks help to blend everything in. The stress is on the technique rather than the how much the make-up costs so learning how to apply that technique is important. To help with that technique, Kelly recommends tutorials by Charlotte Tilbury. ( Charlotte’s website has great recommendations for make-up tips and the latest trends on the red carpet as well as tutorials. I checked it out myself and I have to say, it’s pretty great!

Allure magazine is the one magazine that I almost always put in my cart when I’m shopping and now I know why after hearing Kelly speak. I feel like it always has just the right tips that are easy and that I can actually use! They cover something for everyone and I don’t feel left out!
Here’s to a BOLD Fall!!!
XO Tracee

The Allure Goody Beauty Box! thank you!!

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Here’s what was inside!

-A fab detangler brush by @tangleteezeruk

-Glow tonic to exfoliate the face by @pixibeauty

-Facial primer by @janeiredale

-Leave-in conditioner by @alternahaircare

-Face bar by @ernolaszlonyc

-Cellular rejuvenation by @kaplanmd


Two of my favorite styles of bold lips and eyes! We see you Fall!

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Ready to get inspired!..A peek at 70’s inspired retro revival!