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Courage, Strength, Power, and some Luck

Oct 8, 2015 | Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Courage, Strength, Power, and some Luck

Many people ask me, “Why the Roman? “ My response, “It is meant to be a symbol of courage and strength to whoever is wearing the piece.” The Roman soldiers definitely had courage and built an empire that will never be forgotten.
We all have been through something that has challenged us in our lives, whether big or small. Going through that, we look for that extra strength within us. When we find it, we pull through to the other side. At that moment, we have changed something to make it better or to make it the best we possibly can. In our own way, that is rebuilding our own personal empire.
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In addition to Courage, Strength, and Power, I recently have received some incredible stories from clients that this Roman soldier has brought them Luck! Some have told me that they have found love when they started wearing their Roman, some have had their business turn-around, some say, that it just makes them feel lucky and that good things have started to happen in their lives. I love that the Roman has started to take on a symbol and a meaning for my clients!

Never underestimate the power of wearing your Roman.

My designs are intended to mean something to the person wearing the jewelry. It should feel special and personal. I remember opening up my first Tiffany box when I was 16 years old. I still have that piece to this day. It is special, it meant something to me and still does after all this time. So, for the Roman, it is the meaning of courage.

Own Your Courage. Wear Your Roman.

xx Tracee