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Mother’s Day Love

Apr 14, 2016 | Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Mother’s Day Love


The Token Love Triangle reflects back to the early 1800’s when tokens were made from a rubbed coin and hand engraved to a family member or loved one. They were symbols of promise or remembrance.
14k gold and diamonds


She’s the best mom you could ever ask for…
Top 10 things to thank your mom for:

-loves you no matter what
-gave her word and kept it
-allowed you to eat the raw cake batter
-always there to catch you when you fall
-teenage years, nothing more needs to be said
-raised you to be a strong person
-taught you right from wrong
-washed away the tears
-took care of you when you were sick and even when you were faking sick
-let you drink out of the hose on a hot summer day

my ever so stylish mom with the blonde hair and black gloves

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8
order by Friday, April 29 for Mother’s Day delivery

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