Why I have chosen HelpUsAdopt

Growing up as a single child, I always felt like I was missing out in a way. When my parents almost adopted an 8 year old boy, I was overjoyed at the possibility of having a big brother. Unfortunately, the adoption didn't work out, but that experience gave me a glimpse into how adoption can change lives. I now have a beautiful biological son who is 13 years old and I have many friends who adopted their children. I’ve witnessed their journeys, which were long, expensive, and at times heartbreaking. For all of these reasons and more, I am passionate about making adoption more accessible so more children in need find loving homes. I met Becky Fawcett, the Founder of Helpusadopt.org, through a mutual friend and we instantly connected. I recently joined Helpusadopt.org's Leadership Committee for their annual Spring Gala which benefits their adoption grant program. It means a lot to me to be able to help other families complete their adoptions by supporting this amazing cause.

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The Founders

Becky Fawcett

Becky Fawcett is the founder and president of Helpusadopt.org, an equality based organization that seeks to reduce the financial burden of adoption by awarding large, life-changing, problem-solving grants. After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College, Becky had a successful career in the magazine industry, first for Baltimore magazine, and then for Philadelphia magazine as the director of marketing. In 1999, she founded The Fawcett Group, a full-service public relations and marketing firm with offices in New York City and Philadelphia. Becky and her husband Kipp adopted their daughter, Jane, in 2005, and their second daughter, Brooke, in 2009. After adopting their first child, Becky and Kipp, were so grateful that they had the financial means to adopt that they decided to make a donation to an organization that would help ease another family’s financial burden. Sadly, they could not find an adoption grant organization that was based on a mission of equality. To address this need and help all types of families, they founded Helpusadopt.org in 2007. Under Becky's leadership, Helpusadopt.org has grown from a kitchen-table organization into a strong, national presence with a full time staff of four, board of twenty two, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of donors. Helpusadopt.org has been featured on CNN, People.com, The Today Show and Good Morning America and in The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, O Magazine and Good Housekeeping for their groundbreaking work in the world of adoption. Becky lives in Manhattan with her husband Kipp and her children Jane and Brooke.




Kipp Fawcett


Kipp is a consultant at Accordion Partners. Accordion is the only consulting firm focused exclusively within the Office of the CFO. Accordion works alongside Private Equity sponsor management teams to support initiatives across the entire finance function. While engagements span all industries and sizes, the focus is consistent: flawless execution. Kipp earned his B.A. degree in finance from Franklin & Marshall College in 1993, his MBA from Villanova University in 1996 and completed his CFA degree in 1999. The decision to launch Helpusadopt.org was almost immediate once he realized what the average adoption costs are, how many couples struggle financially and how others go childless.