Tracee x Tracy The Jellyfish Symbolic Token Charm

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Inspired by the Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish—nicknamed the “immortal jellyfish”— because it can hit the reset button and revert to an earlier developmental stage if it is injured or otherwise threatened, this “Reinvent” charm features a center diamond that represents the jellyfish surrounded by a cluster of diamonds—a representation of reinvention. Allow yourself to restart with infinite possibilities.

  • Charm: 14k gold with center diamond with clustered diamonds and “Reinvent” engraving on back of charm
  • 18″ / 22″ Adjustable Chain: 14k gold Cable chain with open clasp charm

About the Symbolic Energy Token Charms:

Tracy Anderson and Tracee Nichols collaborated on a collection of Token Charms that represent symbolic energy. They are a personal reminder of your power, your strength, your personal journey, and the spiritual energy within each of us.