Women Of Courage: Alicia McMahan – Tracee Nichols
Women Of Courage: Alicia McMahan

Women Of Courage: Alicia McMahan

Alicia McMahan - Founder, Congruent Advisors

About Alicia’s World —

What is your current profession?

I’m a Financial Planner and the Founder of Congruent Advisors.  I started my business 19 years ago, at 22 years old, in a city where I only knew a few people. My mission is to inspire planning and influence investor behavior that is congruent with my clients values for financial security while empowering them to truly spend life living. Ultimately, I love helping people find their path to Financial Security which in turn create peace of mind and legacy for themselves and their families. 

Where did you grow up? What is one of your favorite childhood memories

Cue...just a small town girl!
Small town girl from Mt. Carroll, IL(middle of nowhere with about 1,500 people) Sports was a big part of my life. I played volleyball and softball in college and created so many amazing memories but it all started at home. Practicing my pitching with my Dad in the backyard is a great memory. He would say “here we go, right down the pipe” Or practicing my passing off the roof of my house. I always found a way to practice. One time my Dad wasn’t available so I was pitching a softball against my basement wall. I put a hole in the wall so my parents bought me a rebound net in case my Dad wasn’t available! Hahaha

"We become courageous through risk-taking. We must have courage daily. All courage is developed by the simple act of facing the things that you fear."

What does Courage mean to you?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway...short answer
Deep answer below 😂
Courage is not a special quality reserved for a select few individuals who were born as courageous people. We are not necessarily born with courage, but we are all born with LIMITLESS potential. We become courageous through risk-taking. We must have courage daily. All courage is developed by the simple act of facing the things that you fear. Once you become Fearless, you become Limitless. As a result, you become your best, unique, YOU. You were not put on this earth to play small. You are LIMITLESS beyond measure.

What is one of the biggest challenges you face and what gives you the courage to face that challenge?

My biggest challenge is asking people to give me a opportunity to help them with their financial planning but I choose to face the possible rejection because I know the direct impact I can have on someone’s life by having the courage to not only ask but continue to be their behavior consultant when they get sidetracked on their path to financial security.

Tell us something you believe in.

You already know how I feel about the “ASK”. I also believe in Law of attraction (through action)  The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

"Be a Rhino. Don’t Play Small. Work hard/Play Free"

Any fun "behind the scenes" of your life you can tell us?

I am a mom of two girls. The behind the scenes is sweet and sassy! I love being a mom of two girls. They challenge us but we are having fun! We love taking them everywhere with us but also love date night!

Words to live by:

Be a Rhino. Don’t Play Small. Work hard/Play Free...like my Dad said at our wedding “We work when we work and we play when we play and right now, it’s play time!”

Alicia’s Take on Beauty —

What’s your point of view on beauty today?

It comes from within

What makes a woman beautiful?

Loving. Self love and to all. Confidence.

What Inspires your style?

I love fashion and I’m constantly inspired by women in the fashion industry but my style is always ultimately inspired by how I feel. I see so many things I love on other people but if it doesn’t feel like me, you will never see me “following”. You WILL see me where something over and over. I don’t need a new outfit for Instagram.

What are your everyday jewels?

Engagement ring/wedding band, Cartier Love bracelet, Roman Courage Necklace, Necklace with my daughters initials and my Rolex. I also have a Jennifer Fisher earcuff with the initials A S K on it. It stands for my first initial(Alicia), my oldest daughters first initial (Sonora) and my youngest daughters first initial (Kirna). Coincidentally it spells ASK. And I believe, we get in life what we have the courage to ask for. It inspires me to always ASK.

What's your favorite family heirloom?

My favorite family heirloom my Mother could have passed down to me isn’t tangible. She taught me to be unapologetically, fiercely independent. I don’t think there is a greater gift that I could be given or that I could pass down to my girls!

What is your daily uniform?

A Suit with a pussy-bow blouse and black pumps.

Favorite TN piece?

My Rose Gold Roman courage necklace...OBSESSED

What’s next for Alicia in 2019?

I am incredibly inspired to help people create balance in their lives. By having a financial plan, my clients can truly spend their life living today. Besides helping my clients, I’m also incredibly passionate about helping other women take their business to the next level so they can impact more people so I’m doubling the amount of women I’m coaching in 2019.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

This is SO hard for me. So many people come to mind. I could learn something from just about anybody! But, I think a double date with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel would be a blast!!! We are all foodies from what I have heard so I’m sure whatever we eat will be amazing and there will definitely be tequila! Cheers!

What is your favorite “go to” on social Media?

  • Ashley Longshore Art - Fun and laughter  @ashleylongshoreart
  • Cleo Wade - “I love her!! She wrote 'Heart Talk' and all that know me, know that I am all heart.” @cleowade
  • Lingua Franca - "I love her book Heart Talk and her Instagram page always speaks to me”. @linguafrancanyc
  • Tracy Anderson - She's the reason I got on instagram! @tracyandersonmethod


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