Women of Courage: Marisol Nichols – Tracee Nichols
Women of Courage: Marisol Nichols

Women of Courage: Marisol Nichols

Marisol Nichols: Actress/Humanitarian

-About Marisol’s World-

You currently play the role of Hermione Lodge on CW’s “Riverdale…”
What is your favorite part of going to work everyday as this character?

Finding out if Hermione is going to be good today or bad today. She’s a very confusing character sometimes and she’s confused herself —it’s interesting and challenging playing that.

Are there any similarities between you and Hermione that would be fun to share with us?

Probably that she’s wiling to do anything for her daughter - I can relate to that. It drives me and drives her.

Where did you grow up?

Naperville, Chicago

What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

Going to Disney World. My parents would be really happy there- it was fun and entertaining - it was such a memorable and fun family time. I'm such a Disney girl and I’ve passed that on to Rain. I love being able to make new memories with her now as a mom in the same place I had mine as a child. 

You have been selected as our “Women of Courage” this month. Can you tell us what Courage means to you?

Putting yourself in the face of danger to do what’s right. It means standing up for others that are unable to stand up for themselves and fight for them despite anything else.


"Human Rights and Equality for all.  A society that has ethics and morals in place. Creating a world that is safe and sane for our kids to grow up in."



What is one of the biggest challenges you face and what gives you the courage to face that challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is my work to fight against child sex trafficking - it’s so abundant, it’s sickening. What does this say about a society that would allow children to be used for sexual gratification. Just 50 years ago this concept would be insane and incomprehensible to anyone yet here we are today, just 50 years later and this is our reality.  It is estimated 2million children are victims of the sex trade each year. What demand for this exists that results in a supply of 2 million kids. We, as a society must do better, do anything it takes to put an end to this. Shockingly, Lawmakers are currently trying to legalize prostitution in Washington,D.C., I am extremely suspect of the people behind this bill. How can you think children will not be lumped into this? So to me, child sex trafficking is the biggest challenge we all face.

Tell us something you believe in.

Human Rights and Equality for all.  A society that has ethics and morals in place. Creating a world that is safe and sane for our kids to grow up in.

You are the Founder of Foundation for a Slavery Free World which dedicates its efforts to combating modern day slavery and child sex trafficking. Can you tell us about this Organization?

There are 35 million people enslaved today. Whether it is labor trafficking or sex trafficking- it’s unthinkable. If you look outside, you don’t really see it, but it’s every where. I have yet to find a country that doesn’t have this heart wrenching situation.  To me, I just couldn’t sleep knowing that this is occurring right in front of me. 

Obliterating child sex trafficking became a passion of mine. I wanted to throw up knowing that this actually exists. There were many times I was invited to walk the Red Carpet on behalf of so many charities, which of course are noble in their own right, but I couldn’t understand why everyone was speaking out against this issue or why there weren’t any protests in the streets.

I have done a ton of research on this subject of child sex trafficking. I’ve met with numerous government officials on a state, federal and international level. My biggest challenge was educating the public enough because most  didn’t even know that this situation existed, let alone in their own backyard. That’s when I started doing events. I felt that was the biggest barrier to change at least as a start, was to make enough people aware that a demand for change will occur. So I started to pull together other like minded people and groups for these events. One of those is also on the Board of “Slavery Free World”, Tim Ballard, who is the Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad. He quotes, “Good people don’t want to know about this, but if good people don’t know about it- what chance do we have to combat it.” Through these efforts, I’ve been trained by law enforcement and was able to use my acting skills to lure predators out of hiding and into the hands of the law. 

What has created the most impact on this subject from your efforts?

The most direct impact is that I have put registered sex offenders in jail. Saving kids that didn’t even know that they needed to be saved.

How can others get involved or where can they go to get more information?

My Organization, Slavery Free World. 


In addition, there are many website to get information about the scene globally, called, Global Slavery Index by the Walk Free Foundation. It gives information about the overall issue and is categorized by each country. There’s data on each country’s overall scene in slavery, (labor, sex trade, etc) and how it looks there, the laws they have enacted, how well or not well the government is handling.  Website:  www.globalslaveryindex.org 

Marisol’s Take on Beauty —

What’s your point of view on beauty today?

Beauty is more unique today - it used to be one look. Now there are more definitions on what is beautiful. It encompasses women of different ethnicities, shapes and sizes. However the age thing is still something. I would like to see less discrimination for those of us who are not in our 20’s…a little more focus on older accomplished women in our magazines and on social media. I feel that’s way under represented, and it would be so great to see more of that. The older we get the better we get…more experience, more knowledge, more understanding of how life works— I feel that should be celebrated!

What makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence and Ability.

What Inspires your style?

Anything that goes along with that confidence and ability. I like to feel confident and beautiful and stylish. I love Victoria Beckham’s style, I love classic pieces and well constructed garments, good fabrics with a cut for women bodies. I feel that goes along with the design houses that have been around and at the forefront of the industry for ages. Dior, Gucci, Givenchy etc. There’s an art to it.


"Beauty is more unique today - it used to be one look. Now there are more definitions on what is beautiful. It encompasses women of different ethnicities, shapes and sizes."




What are your everyday jewels?

I love my Roman Courage Ring! I never take it off, it’s a reminder of courage and power and what women (my friend Tracee Nichols...you) can accomplish.

Also, a thin gold necklace-always, little tiny gold hoops or studs…something simple and delicate on my ears that goes with everything.

What's your favorite family heirloom?

My grandma’s gold wedding ring. It’s an elegant simple gold band. 

What is your daily uniform?

Jeans, slides, any Anine Bing cami, lace bra and an oversize blazer. If I’m going out at night it’s throwing some heels and I’m good to go.

Favorite TN piece?

The Roman Courage necklace or ring. It’s elegant and simple, but with so much power—Epic!

What’s next for Marisol in 2019?

Wrapping up the film, “Saw” next week with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. I’m still shooting “Riverdale” and looking forward to not living on planes. ;) I also can’t wait to furnish my new home. I can’t wait to have time to do that!

Any fun "behind the scenes" of your life you can tell us? 

Over the years, I sort of started adult pajama parties for my birthday with all my girlfriends. You’ve been to all of them I think and threw them with me. It’s really fun. Everyone must arrive wearing PJ’s, we eat a ton of sugar and desserts, we’ve been known to play Truth or Dare and there is always a good game of Mafia! Just girls being girls and I felt like we haven’t had time with just girls since we were children. I feel that’s something special and important to have bonding, fun, delight, and just joy spending time with a giant group of your girlfriends. Every one we’ve had as adults has been the best time. I cherish them.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Dinner with Hitler and poison his food. I’ll eat whatever the hell I want. LOL!

What is your favorite “go to” on social Media?

@tanksgoodnews —it’s all good news. He’ll take any disaster and find out who the heroes are and talk about that, it reaffirms my faith in humanity.

@wonderfulworldpic - just great photos of some epic places, situations, and things.

@hudabeauty - make up tutorials and her products along with @farahdhukai for DIY beauty tips and tricks

@overheardLA - if you haven’t seen this, go now! Overheard conversations in LA…it’s hysterical and always a good laugh..! 

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