Women of Courage: Misti Norris – Tracee Nichols
Women of Courage: Misti Norris

Women of Courage: Misti Norris

Photos by BECKLEY

Women of Courage: Misti Norris

Introducing the latest feature in the Women of Courage series, Petra & the Beast chef Misti Norris. The critically-acclaimed chef continues to take the Dallas culinary scene by storm with two new pop-ups. Continue reading to find out more about Misti and her inspirations!


Photos by BECKLEY

The Tracee Nichols Roman Token symbolizes inner courage and strength. What personally gives you courage? 

MN: I find strength in the good people around me. It’s important to surround yourself with people who will lift you up!

Where did you grow up, and what is your favorite childhood memory? 

MN: I grew up in Houston! My favorite memory is doing chores and washing my dad's car with him and my brother. We worked while listening to blues. There was usually a lingering smell of a roast in the oven…

How would you describe yourself in three words?

MN: If I could describe myself in three words it would be shy, loving, and affectionate.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be? 

MN: Easy - PRINCE!

For anyone looking for the courage to take their own leap of faith – whether it’s starting a business, making a career change, etc. – what’s the one piece of advice you would give?

MN: The one piece of advice that I would give for anyone looking for the courage to take their own leap of faith would be to make sure to have a good accountant, haha. 

What’s been the most rewarding part of your Petra and the Beast journey?

MN: The most rewarding part of my Petra and the Beast journey would have to be the people I have been able to meet along the way! 

Photo Credit: @petra_and_the_beast on Instagram

What was the inspiration behind the menu of Petra and the Beast?

MN: It all leads back to sustainability. It’s everything to me and a huge component to our success! 

At her restaurant, Misti focuses on sustainability with her unique preparation techniques, using in-house carving and creating little food waste with her dishes.

Do you have a favorite dish to prepare or one with a special meaning to you?

MN: I’m a sucker for gumbo. 

Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales via Food & Wine

What are you most excited about, from either a personal or professional standpoint, in 2022?

MN: I’m very excited to be moving Petra and The Beast to a new location! We’re expanding our team, so I feel 2022 will end on a high note. 

Misti has also recently opened her pop-up restaurant Stepchild, running through 2022. The restaurant pays homage to her French-Cajun heritage with dishes such as confit frog legs with cognac butter, duck boudin balls and a gourmet, 72 hour advance fried chicken tasting experience.

Photos by BECKLEY

As my debut design, I love to see how everyone chooses to wear their Roman Token. How do you plan to style yours?

MN: With the current temperatures in Dallas, I’ll be wearing my token with a summer dress and sneakers! 

What does inner beauty mean to you?

MN: Inner beauty to me is being a genuine person and being selfless. 


You can find Misti online at:




And at her restaurant Petra & the Beast,  or her pop-ups Stepchild and Rainbow Cat.