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Women of Courage

Kimberly Whitman

Our Women of Courage feature for September, is an author, TV host, public speaker and lifestyle expert who recently launched her tenth book...Read More

Misti Norris

Photos by BECKLEY Women of Courage: Misti Norris Introducing the latest feature in the Women of Courage series, Petra & the Beast chef Misti Norris. The critically-acclaimed chef continues to...Read More

Rae Liu

Women of Courage: Rae Liu Up next in the Women of Courage series is Leatherology founder, Rae Liu. We had an amazing day in Rae’s garden, where I learned all...Read More



Introducing Tracee Nichols x Tracy Anderson: Symbolic Charms Collection

Introducing Tracee Nichols x Tracy Anderson: Symbolic Energy Tokens Collection   Fitness pioneer, Tracy Anderson and celebrity jewelry designer, Tracee Nichols come together to create Token Charms that represent symbolic energy.... Read More

Leo Season + The Majestic Lion Token = 🖤

Happy Leo Season! A symbol of Strength, Beauty and Power, the TN Majestic Lion Token is encircled in diamonds, emeralds or amethysts and created in everlasting 14k gold. A Token with Meaning perfect for the vivacious Leo, the zodiac "king of the jungle." Read More

The Love Token is made for Wedding Season + PaperCity Dallas Interview!

"I believe that fine jewelry is always a good investment, both in terms of monetary and sentimental value. It has significance and meaning, often marking a special occasion or memory, and really means forever. I use all sustainably sourced metals and gemstones and love that the quality of my pieces means that they retain their value and can be enjoyed and passed down for eternity." xo - Tracee Read More